my search for the perfect acting "home" ended when I discovered a teacher called Jean Fennell. She had devoted herself to training actors in the Meisner Technique. Within a couple of weeks of attending Jean's class I knew I had found the food to satisfy my yearning - Here was truthful connection between actors, expression was unselfconscious, script work was transformed. These people were living moment to moment, simply by learning to truly SEE and HEAR each other.

No theatre, film or TV performance ever shocked and enlightened me as much as my first evening watching Meisner actors at work. My teaching partner Bryan was one of these students. I knew I had to absorb this "way" and make it my own.

For 10 years I studied under Jean, always returning between jobs, each time recognising the improvement in my professional work.

My natural instinct became incredibly strong.

I began to easily access my emotional life.

My imagination broadened, my observational skills were heightened.
I started to TRUST myself, learning that I had everything I needed, for any role, inside me.

I fell in love with the Sanford Meisner acting technique. When Jean very sadly passed away in 2011, she had not only become my acting Guru, but my best friend. She left us with a massive joy for the work and it only seems fair to share what we know with as many actors as possible!